Usage terms

Usage terms


These terms are applied with the use of Petsie (later referred as the service) services. User of the service is later referred as a user.

Underaged users

Underaged persons are only allowed to register upon parental approval.

Information security

Information added to the service will be handled in accordance with the Finnish legistlations. Private information will be carried out to third parties only in cases of presumed by the law. User knows that the information submitted to the service might be shown to public, excluding information which has been set as private.

User is able to remove all the information. Log information presumed by the law will be remained in the service at least the time defined in the legislation.

Responsibilities of the user

User is responsible for the equipment and programs used in a manner that does not cause defects to the service nor the other users. User is not allowed to use the service for acts against the law or good manners. User is not allowed to copy, disseminate or send any material in the service created by the service or third party.

The service provider is not responsible for any damage or disappearance related to material added to service by the user.

User account

Both user account and password related are personal. The service provider never asks for your password and it may not be given to anyone else. User is resposible for all the actions taken under his/her account. User may not have more than one personal account at a time.

Rights and responsibilities of the service provider

The service provider is allowed to discontinue this contract without any distinct notice and therefore remove all information related to user immediately without any distinct notice. By these means, the service provider is not responsible for any damage or disappearance related to material added to service by the user.

This contract can be carried forward to the third party without any notice in advance.

User gives service provider unlimited transferable rights to copy, distribute, alter and commercially use all data which user has saved in service.

The service provider does not inspect, edit or deliver the private messages of the users to third parties, except in following cases:

  1. claimed by law or other regulation
  2. if necessary to prevent violating the usage
  3. if necessary to protect the rights of the service provider or third party

The service provider is allowed to restrain the disturbing user from using the service. It is forbidden to evade the restriction.

Warranty and disclaimer

The service provider does not ensure correctness, continuous usability, speed, accuracy of the information, reliability of the service or correction of the faults in the service.

The service provider is not responsible for material or immaterial harm caused by using the service for the users.


The service provider reserves the right to make changes to the service and the these terms. Essential changes affecting the user will be notified before hand, if possible.


Usage terms are applied to Finnish legislation. Possible controversies will be processed in municipal court of Kuopio, Finland.